Basic First Aid Training in Atlanta

Basic First Aid Training in Atlanta

At CPR Training Source, we understand how busy you are which is why we’ve developed Basic First Aid Training in Atlanta that’s flexible and fits into your schedule. The health and safety of your family, co-workers, and employees may be the most important thing in life. Having the right First Aid training will help you provide first aid to the ones you love in a safe, timely and effective manner, thereby saving a life.

Designed to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, our Heartsaver First Aid training in Atlanta is a classroom, video-based, instructor-led course focuses on how students can best provide care to the loved ones in their life. You’re equipped with the critical skills needed to effectively respond to and manage an emergency situation in the first few minutes before first responders arrive. From broken bones and minor burns to cuts, sprains, and other types of injuries, the Heartsaver First Aid course gives you the confidence, and skills, needed to help in an emergency.

First Aid CPR Training that’s First Rate from CPR Training Source

Atlanta First Aid certification through CPR Training Source focuses on the most up-to-date guidelines available. All our CPR certifications in Atlanta are taught by a AHA certified instructor in a friendly and engaging environment emphasizing health and safety. Topics covered include:

·       Accident Scene Safety

·       Medical Emergencies

·       Preventing Illness and Injury

·       Initial First aid Assessment

·       Emotional Impact of Providing First Aid

·       Warning Signs of Medical Illness

·       Treatment of Severe Allergic Reactions

·       Recognizing Stroke and elements of common illnesses and Injuries

·       Environmental Emergencies

·       Emergency Moves for Health and Safety

Infants and children have smaller and more delicate bodies which require specialized care. With comprehensive guidelines on how to provide care to the youngest among us, and detailed instruction on helping children and infants with a variety of injuries, our First Aid Training course can give you the crucial skills and confidence needed to respond to and provide care until emergency medical services (EMS) arrive.

The First Aid Course is recommended for security guards, camp counselors, massage therapists, teachers, and anyone looking to learn the basic skills of first aid before professional help arrives. You don’t need to have any medical training to undertake this course.

Why Train with us?

We at CPR Training Source are a licensed and official Atlanta CPR training center of the American Heart Association. We understand how busy you are and may need to get your CPR certification in Atlanta at the last minute. That’s why we are prepared to accommodate you in any way possible. Our goal is to make sure you’re receiving your training in a relaxing and supportive environment. We make the learning experience as painless as possible. With our small class sizes, flexible scheduling, and online and blended learning options, you can expect high quality customized training.  Each of our customers leaves our CPR training center in Atlanta confident in CPR skills, 100 percent certified, and 100 percent satisfied.

If you’re looking for First Aid training that’s more than thorough and cost-effective, you can count on our proven courses to help you become a more confident and truly proficient “First Aider.” Contact us today!