Basic Life Support Classes

Basic Life Support Classes

Life is precious! Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training and Basic Life Support Classes are some of the most important life training that one needs to undertake. Whether you are in the medical field or not, knowing CPR is fundamental to everyone for one never knows when the training might come in handy.

At CPR Training Source in Marietta Georgia,  our Basic Life Support Classes are well taught and can help you pass any CPR tests.

CPR is one of the ways of administering first aid by doing it; one can restore blood flow from the heart to the brain and other bodily organs in a short time before the main help comes through.


Basic Life Support (BLS) classes

The BLS classes we offer have professional personnel that are well versed with CPR and well experienced when it comes to CPR matters. With their years of experience, they can help you get top-notch training when it comes to life support.

In these BLS trainings, the learner can identify persons who are in dire need of help thus helps the learner to be alert and know when it is safe to approach the person in need of help thus ensuring bystander safety.

After identifying the victim, with BLS trainings one can begin immediately assessing response therefore the BLS classes offered helps one to be fast.

The pieces of training are detailed and are taught from one step to the other to enable the learner to grasp the procedure when it comes to performing CPR.

Apart from BLS training equipping you with various skills; one of these skills is being able to think on your feet and by the end of the BLS classes, one can comfortably perform CPR on a critically ill person with no worry hence they can end up saving a life.

The good part is that BLS training acquired can be performed on children as well as adults of all ages.


In summary

BLS is one of the survival mechanisms one can apply to a victim of a heart attack, especially in highly demanding conditions. It enables one to be prompt in making a decision that can end or save someone’s life

Additionally, the BLS training enables one to be prepared when it comes to saving lives thus one can quickly evaluate when someone’s heart is almost stopping to function.

BLS training should be acquired by anyone be it a mother, a lifeguard or anyone for no one knows when they can be of help and be someone’s hero.

And lastly, high-quality CPR is composed of two basic ways which are compressions and ventilation of the airway, with the BLS classes all this is taught and not living anything behind when it comes to the administration of CPR.

Save a life today, enroll in a BLS class today for the CPR training to get equipped with CPR lifesaving skills, you will not regret it for the skill lasts a lifetime