BloodBorne Pathogen Certification

BloodBorne Pathogens Certification In Atlanta, Georgia

The BloodBorne Pathogen Certification Course taught in conjunction with First Aid Training or CPR training is one of the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) BloodBorne Pathogens Standard. Designed for anyone who’s at some of the risks of pathogen exposure during first aid contact, the course educated bystanders and rescuers how BloodBorne pathogens tend to spread, how to avoid pathogen exposure, and what one can do in case of exposure to potentially infectious material.

BloodBorne Pathogens Certification through CPR Training Source not only assists in satisfying the training requirements put forth by the OSHA but also trains on how one can minimize their chance of being exposed to potentially infectious material or getting a BloodBorne illness. OSHA is the government agency mandated to regulate facilities where students, workers, and affiliates may be exposed to BloodBorne Pathogens.

What Does the BloodBorne Pathogens Course Cover?

The BloodBorne Pathogen Certification Course includes the following topics:

·       OSHA BloodBorne Pathogens Standard 29 CFR 1910.1030

·       The Epidemiology and Symptoms of BloodBorne diseases like HIV and Hepatitis B, C

·       Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

·       Proper Self Care in the event of an Exposure

·       Administrative Controls

·       Recognizing tasks that may Involve Exposure to Infectious Material

·       Engineering Controls

·       Hepatitis B Immunization

·       Work Practice Controls

·       Universal Precautions

·       Communicating a Hazard in the Workplace

Our BloodBorne Pathogens Certification is a video, hands-on training program. We recommend this course to laboratory workers, healthcare professionals, principal investigators, tattoo artists, electrologists, body piercers, and anyone who could be at risk of exposure to blood and human blood products. In the class, you’ll also discuss the responsibilities of your employer, including access to the Hepatitis B vaccine by the employee, and availability of an Exposure Control Plan. The

It’s important to note that the course includes a review session which includes a summary of the areas covered in class and an opportunity for participants to seek clarification and ask questions on any information they didn’t understand. BBP certification courses through CPR Training Source are taught by certified instructors through scenario-based learning within a relaxed, supportive environment.

Average length of the BloodBorne Pathogen course is 2 hours. CPR Training Source offers classes at your Atlanta location or ours. Upon successful completion of your BloodBorne Pathogen Course, you’ll receive a certificate card, valid for 1 year. Register for a regular BloodBorne pathogens Classroom course today! We can usually offer the course after your schedule first aid or CPR class!

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