Red Cross Certification

Can You Look Up Your Red Cross Certification Online?

Can you look up your Red Cross Certification Online?

There is good news for those wondering about whether or not their certification from the Red Cross can be accessed online.

Yes, you can look up your Red Cross Certification Online. All you need to do is to get on the official website of the Red Cross. Then register or log-in. Next, follow the instructions on how to access your own certificate online. You will soon realize that you have a digital copy of your certificate saved on their server. You can print this out and even access all your student information.

Easy Access

Also known as The American National Red Cross, The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides disaster relief, emergency assistance, preparedness in the USA. You can apply for the training and certification and The Red Cross is the first of its kind to offer anytime, anywhere access to your certification. You can view your certificate online because they keep digital certification for every one certified. Plus, your digital certificate can be shared, printed or views. It can also be accessed anytime through the Red Cross Account online.

Use Your Smartphone

Each of the certificates includes a unique QR code and ID which meets the requirements of your employment and allows employers to confirm the validity of your certificate with ease. In other words, there is no need to carry your printed, hardcopy certificate with you around any longer. There are even QR readers or codes that you can scan using your smartphone and you can access your student training information and valid certification any time you need to.

The Red Cross Cares

The Red Cross was formed in 1864 in the Geneva Convention as an international philanthropic organization. The purpose of the Red Cross was to care for the wounded and the sick in hospitals including those who are wounded in the war. It also secures the neutrality of hospitals and nurses. The Red Cross help in relieving the suffering caused by calamities such as fires, floods, and pestilence.

Valid And Authentic

At times, a Red Cross Certificate is a requirement of a job you are applying for. If you are a designated emergency responder, an EMT or have a job that is related to healthcare, you will most likely be required to have or to take the Red Cross Certification. The American Red Cross makes it easy, simple and fast to become certified.

Red Cross Digital Certificates

There are Red Cross Digital Certificates you can access anywhere and anytime. Download, share and print your certificates when you need to. Each of the certificates has its own unique QR and ID code. This makes it easy to confirm the authenticity and validity of your employee’s certificates. Certificates you or your employees can get trained for include:

  • Water Safety Instructor
  • Safety Training For Swim Coach
  • Lifeguarding
  • Responding To An Emergency
  • First Aid and AED/CPR
  • Training for Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers

Make sure you log in the correct details on the Red Cross official website to access your certificate. If you have any questions, feel free to contact CPR Training Source.