AED Training Classes

CPR AED Training Classes in Atlanta

Every year hundreds of thousands of Americans die of sudden cardiac arrest. By training more people in life saving techniques, many of these lives can be saved very easily. We at CPR Training Source strive to be that difference! Sudden Cardiac Death, the leading cause of death in the United States, is caused by a deadly heart rhythm known as ventricular fibrillation. Automated External Defibrillator, abbreviated as AED is the device used to correct ventricular fibrillation, thereby helping to prevent death from sudden cardiac arrest.

Our CPR AED Training Classes in Atlanta are designed to teach anyone with little, or no medical training the critical skills needed to effectively respond to and manage a sudden cardiac arrest or choking emergency in a safe and timely manner, until emergency medical services arrive. Whether you need this Atlanta CPR training course for employment purposes or to prepare yourself in the event of a choking or sudden cardiac arrest situation, our AED classes might be the perfect solution. Our AED Course includes:

·       Chain of Survival

·       Administering Proper Breathing Techniques

·       Recognizing a Choking Victim and Administering Abdominal Thrusts

·       First Aid Basics

·       Adult CPR and AED Use

·       Learning how to Recognize Sudden Cardiac Arrest

·       Medical Emergencies

·       Modules in infant and Child CPR and AED use

·       Troubleshooting Defibrillator problems

The Classroom, video-based, instructor-led training equips students with other important skills on how to effectively treat broken bones, bleeding, shock, and other first aid emergency situations.

AED Training Classes in Atlanta, Georgia

AED training classes in Atlanta are designed to make the public, your employees, or co-workers aware of the fact that the effective use of an Automated External Defibrillator can increase a victim’s chances of survival from sudden cardiac death from a mere 5 percent to about 50 percent. Our Atlanta AED classes are developed for students who need a flexible option. We know you have a busy schedule which is why we administer the most comprehensive, concise and time-conscious CPR and AED training classes that you can find out there!

It’s important to note that the AED training course is often taught along with basic CPR. Keep in mind that you may be required to perform CPR after using your AED to deliver a shock to a victim, though it isn’t necessary. The classes are quite easy and straight forward.

AED training classes should empower students with the American Heart Association’s “Chain of Survival” during an emergency situation. In the event of an emergency, the sooner you call 911, the sooner you initiate CPR, if needed; the sooner you use an AED, the better the patient outcome. Following these important steps makes it easier for emergency medical services (EMS) and hospitalization to naturally occur.

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Atlanta AED certification through CPR Training Source focuses on the latest equipment and first aid guidelines available. Our CPR and AED courses are taught in a friendly, relaxed, hands-on environment that leaves students feeling confident in their skills. We offer CPR courses at your Atlanta location or ours, and upon completion, include an official certification card. Contact us today!