CPR Certification in Atlanta, Why CPR Training is Essential

CPR Classes and CPR Certification in Atlanta

As a leading CPR Training Atlanta Center, CPR Training Source is committed to equipping you with the skills and confidence needed to not only make decisions but also take action and help someone in an emergency situation. Whether you’re looking for individual CPR training in Atlanta or want to develop a custom AED (Automated External Defibrillator) emergency response program for your Atlanta organization, you can rest assured of the most professional safety training.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the survival rate for out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest is less than 5 percent. Eighty eight percent of sudden cardiac arrest deaths every year occur at home. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training is an important and valuable skill that enables one to quickly respond to an emergency situation thereby saving a life. For every minute CPR isn’t performed in the event of a heart attack or cardiac arrest, the victim’s survival rate drops by 10 percent. A victim’s chance of survival doubles or rather increases with early bystander CPR.

Is your Team prepared in the Event of an Emergency?

As mentioned, the sooner defibrillation from an AED and CPR are performed on a victim, the more likely the person will survive. Initiating CPR before first responders arrive can help save many lives in the larger Atlanta Area. We provide our neighborhoods and community with the opportunity to learn how to effectively respond in the event that someone has a cardiac arrest and needs CPR.

It’s our belief that Atlanta residents should know how to effectively use an AED and be certified to initiate and perform CPR. Our CPR Training Atlanta Courses are designed to fit the needs of individuals in the community, businesses, and medical/healthcare professionals. Our certified instructors will work closely with you to develop a custom emergency response program that allows you to not only fulfill an employer’s requirements but also help others in their time of need.

CPR Certification from a Certified Instructor in Atlanta

When looking for a CPR Certification Atlanta Company, you want a training center whose CPR instructors are certified through the American Heart Association, the American Red Cross, Medic First Aid, or the National Safety Council. It’s also important that you receive training from a seasoned instructor who is available to teach and gives you more flexibility. Not one who’s just trying to make ends meet and hence only available at certain times of the day.

We at CPR Training Source offer all levels of CPR training courses in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Our experienced certified CPR instructors have better understand how to teach in a variety of settings and will successfully train you or your employees in a hands-on environment using the latest educational materials and AED equipment.

Whether you want to renew your CPR certification card or undertaking CPR training for the first time, we’ll provide you with an official CPR certification card after completing your CPR class. Our CPR training program dates and times are very flexible. We urge you to contact us to find the program right for you!