CPR course

CPR Course Training and Certification

If you want to know how to become CPR certified, you need to know that taking a CPR course is inevitable. You need to search for an online or offline course and register. After registering, you must participate in all activities and complete all courses before you become certified.

It is essential to attend CPR training as often as possible, but most support organizations recommend renewing the skills every two years. Remember that it is essential to practice skills frequently. Taking a CPR course can be a great way to practice the skills required, and it is also an opportunity to discuss experiences with your colleagues.

Different organizations have different ways of certifying you. For example, the AHA requires that you get first aid certification before you get a CPR certification. ASHI will certify you based on your previous experience and other EMT qualifications.

CPR Course costs

The cost of the course depends on where you took it. For example, you can find the course for just $ 50. You can also get the same course for up to $ 600,000. The rating agency generally waives the fees if you join the organization as a volunteer. To avoid fees, you must complete 70 hours of service in your first year of certification.

How long does a CPR class last?

The duration of a CPR course depends on the course you are taking. If you take a short course, you only need 3-5 hours. However, if you take an advanced course, it takes months and sometimes even a semester to complete. Traditionally, a standard CPR training only lasts one day. However, you have to train to be good at it.

Become a CPR instructor

After certification, you can teach CPR and first aid courses. You can volunteer with ARC and teach in different classes. You can also apply to ARC as a paid instructor. If you want to start an education company, you need to sign additional contracts with ARC.

Renewal of the certificate

The CPR certificate has a term of two years. After that, you have to renew it. It is recommended that you take recertification courses to learn about new issues. ASHI will ask you to pay $ 25 to renew your certificate, while the CRA will automatically renew your certificate if you teach a class during your certification period.


This is what you need to do if you want to know how to become CPR certified. For easy certification, it is recommended to contact a recognized facility.

Hosting CPR courses at The CPR Training Source is an opportunity that healthcare providers should take full advantage of. Many people in the community rely on local CPR courses to maintain their current certifications and keep them updated with new emergency care standards. People ranging from laypersons such as trainers, teachers, and security officers to healthcare professionals such as EMT nurses and doctors rely on local CPR courses. Everyone should recognize the importance of educating more community members about CPR. We need to educate more people in the community to build stronger and safer communities.