CPR Training for Individuals

CPR Training for Individuals

CPR Training for Individuals

There is CPR Training for Individuals available at Executive CPR is for both professionals and ordinary people who may want to equip themselves with knowledge that can assist during an emergency. Most of the classes charge a small fee for the training.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is normally performed on individuals who have stopped breathing and don’t have pulse. It is critical in life-threatening circumstances such as cardiac arrest or during an accident. CPR’s goal is to compress the chest and heart to cause blood to be pumped to the brain. A quick action is required. If it is not done within 2 minutes of a heart stopping, damage to the brain main occur rapidly. Most people who have experienced cardiac arrest die before they get to the hospital, but CPR greatly boosts their chances of surviving. Unfortunately, very few individuals with cardiac arrest outside of the hospital get CPR. With CPR knowledge you can really save a life.

Corporate CPR training

CPR is a crucial part of first aid in the work environment. Thus, many employers either offer CPR classes for free to their workers or will pay for the classes offered by other groups. The training can done periodically on the premises of the company or taught while collaborating with a local hospital or charity organization like Red Cross. If you need clarification on CPR training offered by your employer you need to contact your company’s HR or the training department.  In addition, there are many websites that offer online training ranging from videos to applications. These can be helpful, but they cannot not be considered a complete training course with hands-on experience. Thus you will need to complete the training they offer with the real CPR training offered in physical locations. Although, even a lesser amount of online training can aid in saving a life.

CPR class levels

CPR classes can be subdivided as follows  The adult CPR Classes   This is the simplest form of CPR and can be learned in an hour. It just covers the basic techniques for adults and teens. This level is applicable to both work place and home. In case you have automated external defibrillator (AED), it can also forms part of the training.

Pediatric CPR Training Classes

This is appropriate for individuals who care for children particularly under age of eight. The techniques for resuscitation are far much different from those used for adults and might include the right airway clearance and chest compression ratio for the young kids. If you train or offer voluntary services to a school or daycare, then this kind of training will be so beneficial to you.

Basic Life Support for the health care providers

This CPR training is also called CPR for professional rescuers and is mandatory for emergency medical staff. The training covers, ventilation barriers, AED, barriers to conducting the rescue breathing and the two individual CPR. In case you are planning to start a career in a medical field then this training is a must for you.