First Aid CPR and AED Training in Atlanta

First Aid CPR and AED Training in Atlanta

CPR Training Source in Atlanta, Georgia offers the highest quality, most affordable, and convenient training classes in basic First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use in a supportive hands-on environment. With the right First Aid CPR and AED Training in Atlanta, you’ll have the skills and confidence required to take action and save the life of those you love.

First Aid CPR and AED course is a valuable training that’s designed to teach you how to respond to an emergency situation and provide first aid until Emergency Medical Services arrive. If you’re looking to be a truly proficient first responder, taking a First Aid CPR AED course will leave you feeling completely confident and prepared to save a life in emergency situations.

Who is the First Aid CPR AED Course For?

Our First Aid CPR and AED Training in Atlanta allows students, camp counselors, coaches, security guards, physical therapists, nannies, laypersons, fitness trainers, and all Atlanta, Georgia residents interested fulfill Atlanta’s regulatory training requirements for all three topics at once.

Whether you choose to have us come to your location so you can train in the comfort of your office or train at our Atlanta training center, our AHA certified instructors will equip you with the skills necessary to provide assistance and save a life in an emergency situation. Upon successful completion of the training, students receive a completion certificate card for their workplace or regulatory requirements, valid for 2 years.

What Does the CPR AED Course cover?

The First Aid CPR and AED training course offered through CPR Training Source, with locations in Marietta and Atlanta, is designed to teach students in less than 6 hours how to use basic First Aid, how to recognize cardiac arrest, how to perform CPR on victims of all ages, how to recognize and help a chocking victim, and how to apply an AED to a victim.

In this certification course, your employees will have a comprehensive and engaging opportunity to learn how CPR and AED can help with cardiac arrest, drowning, choking, and other respiratory emergencies in infants, children, and adults. First Aid Training teaches you the basic skills and procedures required to respond to, manage and safely treat accidental injuries like seizures, poisoning, minor burns, head injuries, choking, bleeding wounds, and allergic reactions until emergency medical services (EMS) arrive. All of our Atlanta CPR and First Aid instructors and AHA certified, on-time, friendly, and efficient.

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Receiving a First Aid CPR and AED certification in one class can help you be prepared to provide assistance to those in need and save lives in emergency situations. After all is said and done, your Atlanta First Aid CPR & AED training class is all about equipping you with the skills and confidence needed to take action and save lives-not just a course completion card.

If you’re located in Marietta, Georgia and the greater Atlanta areas and want to certify or recertify, enroll for our First Aid CPR AED training today. For more information about our CPR training course in Atlanta contact us!