PALS Certification in Atlanta

PALS Certification in Atlanta

The American Heart Association Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course is crafted to aid pediatric healthcare providers in developing the skills needed to respond to and manage critically ill infants and children in an efficient and effective manner. PALS Certification in Atlanta covers cardiovascular emergencies in infants and children. Healthcare professionals who will be most interested in the Pediatric Advanced Life Support Course include:

·       Dentists who care for Children

·       Pediatrics House Staff/Residents

·       Paramedics

·       First Responders

·       Emergency Medical Services (EMTs)

·       Registered Nurses

·       Respiratory Therapists

·       Nurse Practitioners

·       Emergency Physicians and Physician Assistants

·       Licensed Practical Nurses

·       Family Physicians

Most medical facilities, group practices, and hospitals in Atlanta require any professional caring for children and infants to obtain and maintain PALS certification. It’s important to note that infants and children don’t experience the same life-threatening emergencies that adults do. Pediatric Advanced Life Support shouldn’t be considered to be simply ACLS for kids, therefore. While both are life support programs, they use completely different resuscitation approaches.

Infants and Children often experience shock and respiratory distress before experiencing cardiac arrest. The resuscitation approach used in Pediatric Advanced Life Support focuses on recognizing and treating harbingers of cardiac arrest in pediatric patients before they advance to cardiac arrest. As a result, timely interventions and accurate assessments are of key to ensuring patient survival.

PALS Certification in Atlanta Course Description

We at CPR Training Source perform frequent, periodic reviews of our courses so they are up-to-date with the latest guidelines from organizations such as the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association. Our PALS certification course in Atlanta is based on scientific evidence from the 2012 American Health Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC. It takes approximately 5 hours to complete the PALS provider course, including skills testing and practice. The hands-on instruction using videos and realistic simulated cases reinforce important pediatric concepts of basic life support, effective team dynamics, PALS treatment algorithms, a systematic approach to pediatric assessment and intervention, and effective resuscitation. We’re committed to ensure you receive the right training in a relaxing and supportive environment, whether you choose a traditional classroom setting or PALS online.

Skills and concepts covered in the Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course include:

·       The Systematic Approach to Pediatric Assessment

·       Intraosseous Access and Fluid Bolus Administration

·       Recognizing and Treating Infants and Children at risk of Cardiopulmonary Arrest

·       Recognizing and Management of Shock

·       Effective Resuscitation Team Dynamics

·       Effective Respiratory Management

·       Defibrillation and Synchronized Cardioversion

·       Reviewing of BLS and AED for Infants and Children

·       Circulatory Emergencies

·       Airway Management Techniques

Healthcare professionals are required to have strong pharmacology and ECG knowledge to successfully complete their PALS Certification. Providers receive an official certification card, valid for 2 years, upon successful completion of their PALS course.

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