Private CPR Classes at your Atlanta Location

Private CPR Classes at your Atlanta Location

Looking for an easy and most convenient way to earn your CPR certification in Atlanta? We offer CPR training and certification courses for Healthcare providers, Students, Workplace Employees, and individuals throughout Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Our Private CPR Classes at your Atlanta Location can help you earn your CPR certification or recertification with American Healthcare Association guideline compliant course at your location, any day, any time. As a full-service CPR Class Safety Company in Atlanta, CPR Training Source offers complete CPR, First Aid, or BLS training solutions, including Private CPR classes for your organization.

What is CPR?

Sudden cardiac arrest usually occurs when a person’s heart unexpectedly stops beating. Major body parts such as the brain and the kidneys are then deprived of the oxygen usually supplied by the blood. As a result, these body organs may suffer irreversible damage. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is used to manually pump blood to the body’s major organs when the heart stops beating and is unable to pump blood on its own. CPR, therefore, helps in saving the life of an individual who goes into sudden cardiac arrest. Rescuers are supposed to respond in a safe, timely and effective manner since a victim’s survival rate depends on how soon they act. They shouldn’t delay performing CPR in the even of an emergency.

First Aid classes teach students the procedures and skills required to recognize elements of common illnesses and injuries and treat them until first responders arrive. Some of the common injuries covered in this course include minor burns, fractures, choking, bleeding, poisoning, wounds, and head injuries.

Your Atlanta CPR training class will cover special CPR techniques and skills for adults, children, and infants. Once a person’s heart stops beating, blood stops moving to major body parts and can cause brain damage in about 4 minutes. The irreversible damage to a victim’s body parts can result in death within 10 minutes. Studies have proved that performing CPR and using AED can increase the chance of survival for cardiac arrest patients. Therefore, every moment is crucial.

CPR Certification Classes at your Atlanta Location, on your Schedule

Let us bring the Private CPR Classes at your Atlanta Location! We’re committed to providing you with private CPR training classes so you can certify or recertify CPR in the comfort of your Atlanta office or home. Our AHA certified instructors are professionals, on-time, efficient, and love to teach; your students and workplace employees will love their Atlanta CPR training. Our team will bring everything needed for the training course including, nitrile gloves, face shields, AED equipment, and more.

Our instructors teach CPR using American Heart Association guidelines. Beware of online CPR courses since most of them don’t follow AHA guidelines. It’s important that you make sure your CPR training course is accredited by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross.

We Offer a fun, interactive CPR training in Atlanta. Contact us today!

Our CPR certification Atlanta courses are taught in a low-stress, supportive, and hands-on environment. Our goal to leave you with the skills and confidence needed to save lives in an emergency situation-not just a CPR certification card. Let us help you find a date that’s more convenient and works for your busy schedule! For more information, please contact us today!