How long is CPR certification good for?

CPR certification renewal

How long is CPR certification good for? At CPR Training Source, we follow guidelines and general policy regarding CPR certification renewal. As such, CPR certification is valid for 2 years from the date of being issued. Renewal class doesn’t take as long as the first-time CPR certification class.  Of course, this makes complete sense since…

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Can Anyone Get a BLS Certification?

BLS Certification

Can Anyone Get a BLS Certification? Many people are acquainted with First Aid and CPR programs. These are basically underlying certifications that are highly recommended or required for a wide range of experts from daycare providers and lifeguards to medical health professionals and police officers. You may be surprised when applying for any of these…

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BLS Training Explained

BLS Training

What is BLS training? Basic Life Support or BLS training is a short course usually required for clinical, health professionals and personnel in public safety. The course teaches basic life-saving skills to revive sustain a person who suffered from cardiac arrest or some form of respiratory failure. These failures might result from drowning, heart attack,…

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Is Online CPR Certification Valid?

Online CPR Certification can be a great way to get trained and certified in lifesaving CPR and first aid skills. They are available in most community centers and schools and prove valuable for anyone whether you’re in the medical field, a parent or someone who just wants to prepare for medical emergencies. The good thing…

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Q & A CPR Certification

CPR Certification

What is CPR Certification? A CPR Certification refers to a combination of techniques and procedures solutions of problems related to hazardous heart-related emergencies like strokes and cardiac arrest. CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, but it also involves AED (Automated External Defibrillator), and First Aid instruction. How much does CPR Certification cost? It depends. There are…

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Can You Look Up Your Red Cross Certification Online?

Red Cross Certification

Can you look up your Red Cross Certification Online? There is good news for those wondering about whether or not their certification from the Red Cross can be accessed online. Yes, you can look up your Red Cross Certification Online. All you need to do is to get on the official website of the Red…

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Finding a CPR Atlanta Class Schedule

CPR Atlanta Class Schedule

While looking for a CPR Atlanta class schedule take a look at the Class Schedule at CPR Training Source. There are many CPR classes available at different times and locations. In fact, we are talking about weeks or even months ahead of time. It would not be wise to choose a class just days before…

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Choose a Reliable Company for Executive CPR Classes

Executive CPR Classes

When it comes to choosing Executive CPR classes Atlanta GA, you must choose an experienced partner like CPR Training Source. Don’t bother wasting time with those who don’t know much about it. You are going to know they don’t know much about the topic when you take a look at their credentials. When you see…

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Where to Look for Infant CPR Classes Atlanta

Infant CPR Classes Atlanta

It would be a big advantage if you are familiar with CPR especially if you spend time with children and infants. With very young people, you never know when they might have immediate health concerns that require CPR. These issues could be attributed to the family’s medical history, or the children or infants may get…

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Schedule a CPR Class in Atlanta GA

CPR class in Atlanta GA

Uncertainty in our life is expected at any time and as a result, we need to be prepared. If an individual undergoes emergency medical issues in his daily walk of life in the form of heart attack or breathing issues, he is lucky enough if his friend or coworker or anyone from the public knows…

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